An Alternative Educational Provision

Catering for Yr5-Yr11 Learners

for children who fall outside of the mainstream educational system OR for children whom are in school, but are on the verge of exclusion.

“We work holistically with schools, parents & carers to empower children and young people with life skills that will lead to their future happiness & success.”

Situated just one and-a-half miles outside of the city centre of Nottingham, we serve children from across the East Midlands.

Placements are offered within our centre for Yr5-Yr8 learners and group or 1to1 education is offered within the home schools or off site.



This programme is open to Yr5-Yr8 learners at our centre in Forest Fields.

It is also available for home-school delivery with small groups of learners.

Through PSHE, Music, Drama & Art, we facilitate the behavioural, social and personal development of the children who are with us. We also use this model to impact upon academic attainment through identifying and addressing negative attitudes & behaviours.

We are committed to the preparation of children for a brighter future. In partnership with the home school, this preparation includes the reintegration into mainstream education through the development of respect for self, family, peers, teachers and the school system.

We equip our students with tools that enhance their emotional intelligence which in turn, supports the better understanding, management and control of their own behaviour and current & future outcomes.

Numeracy & literacy are now taught daily.

“To know the self is the beginning of all wisdom.”

– Aristotle –

Sometimes teachers, the student and peers just need a period of time to regroup.

These bespoke programmes run for half term or full term periods.

In close partnership with the home school a bespoke package of learning is devised which supports the pupil’s success in mainstream.

Outcomes for the pupil’s social, behavioural and emotional development are clarified and these are addressed through classroom based activities and with 1to1 support.

Pupils are provided with tools and coping stategies to address:

  • anger management
  • social anxiety
  • behaviour management
  • communication with adults & peers

Delivered within the Home School for groups of up to 10 students

This program is an accredited short course.

The programme is designed for students in KS4 and above who would benefit from personal, social & health and life skill development with a focus on preparing them for their future choices around work, education and relationships.

Issues of accountability and personal responsibility run through the delivery of this programme with the design to build on self-esteem and a sense of growing maturity in students.

Delivery from home, Home School or alternative.  

This programme has a bespoke element where delivery across a range of 42 accredited awards can be selected for young people who require one to one support across KS2-KS4.

The awards titles range from Sports, Careers and Experiencing Work, Uniformed Services, PSHE, Leadership, Math’s, English, History, Gardening and Enterprise.

Student collection and drop off is available for one to one work on request.

Our Delivery Commitment – A Holistic Approach


Naenda Shule is Swahili for

“I’m going to school.”

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